Types of Counseling

Understanding Our Counseling Services

In its essence, counsel is a process of one person providing guidance or assistance to another person as they seek to resolve a difficulty or find direction. Counsel is a collaborative process where the two (or more) individuals work to accomplish specific goals. Counsel can address any number of topics from personal and relationship struggles, to spiritual and meaning-of-life questions, to career and life coaching decisions, and so much more … virtually no topic is off-limits in our need for counsel.

Individuals receive counsel from friends, mentors, pastors, professionals and many others. Because New Salem Counseling offers both biblical and clinical counseling, it is important to understand the similarities and differences of these two services.

A Shared Foundation

At New Salem Counseling both biblical and clinical counseling share the same foundation. Here are some things you can expect regardless of whether you meet with a biblical or clinical counselor.

    1. All of our counselors are followers of Christ who affirm New Salem Counseling’s Statement of Faith and the American Association of Christian Counselors’ (AACC) Code of Ethics or ACBC’s Standards of Doctrine and Conduct. Each of our counselors provides Christian counseling grounded in the truth of God’s Word and an understanding of the gospel.
    2. All of our counselors have (or are working towards) a master’s or doctoral level degree in the field of counseling. Each of our counselors has been (or is currently being) supervised in their counseling practice.
    3. All of our counselors are (or have been) vocationally employed as a pastoral, biblical, or licensed counselor. Each of our counselors is supported by the payments and donations of current and former clients.
    4. All of our counselors provide gospel-centered biblical or clinical counseling that address the spiritual, emotional, and relational needs of our faith community. Each of our counselors shares our mission of pointing others to the hope and healing found in Jesus Christ.

Licensed Counselors

In addition to having a master’s degree in counseling with advanced training and experience working with a large variety of personal and relational concerns, each of our licensed counselors has been licensed by a state licensure board. Licensed counselors charge a fee for their service, and some of our licensed counselors can accept third-party payments from health insurance companies.

Licensed counselors use both biblical and psychological principles to promote emotional, relational, and spiritual healing. More than simply Christians who do counseling, our licensed counselors integrate the Christian faith and gospel into the counseling they provide.

Biblical Counselors

In addition to having a master’s degree in counseling, each of our pastoral and biblical counselors has experience providing clinically-informed biblical counseling. These counselors are not licensed by a state board and do not charge a fee for their services; they are paid by New Salem Counseling and dependent on donations to this organization for their support.

Pastoral and biblical counseling is often thought of as “problem-based professional discipleship” where the counselor uses the Bible to identify, understand, and address personal and relational problems. These counselors can be helpful when an individual desires to think more deeply about the biblical and spiritual implications of a life concern. Clients may experience pastoral and biblical counseling more as intensive discipleship for a specific concern than as “therapy.”

Which Is Right For Me?

Both biblical and licensed counselors can assist with a variety of concerns. New Salem Counseling welcomes all individuals who desire biblical or clinical counsel that is grounded in the gospel and points people to the hope and healing found in Jesus Christ. When considering which approach is right for you, you can read our staff bios and call the office with any questions you might have.

Just remember … All of us are on a journey, and none of us has to walk alone.